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Unravelling A Morbid Tale

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A short story

‘Have you seen what goes inside at Pennhurst Asylum?’


‘What about Waverly Hills Hospital?’


‘It’s a true shocker actually,’

I look at her bafflingly; was it the time to make a joke about your situation? I think not.

Why had she done this during the time while we were stuck at the notorious Waverly Hills Sanatorium? Was it from fear? Reassurance that she wasn’t going insane yet? Or something else?

‘- are you still there? Are you still conscious after all the electro-shock you’ve been dragged into?

I nod, staring deeply at the wall behind her; something feels off, like, something that wasn’t there before.

Have I been hallucinating about this? Why was I roped into this with Annie, was my prediction correct of her being a suspect? Was I a fool to trust-

‘There you go again, spacing off to the walls behind us. Can you stop that? It’s super weird, like, how will I  know that you weren’t looking at either the wall or me an’ you were staring off somewhere more morbid here?’ She says.

I don’t hear her but I know she’s correct about one thing, I was being fastidious about the reflection of the window reflecting an image of Annie, but instead my eyes met with hers in the reflection.

Now I know maybe trying to romanticize being in a locked down Asylum that was notorious for its  grisly actions isn’t a great way to write as a biography, but I’m not trying to.

I’m trying to calm down but the way her eyes are looking at me in a way that shouldn’t be possible, that isn’t a valid choce.

So I do one thing that will do us well; play with her schemes and find a way to escape without her noticing.

I know it has a high risk and could probably end with me being fatally wounded by Annie, but let me tell me you one thing so you don’t confuse this as romanticizing;

Annie’s not a human whether physically- or mentally.


‘So- Annie shall we carry on with our ‘’little’’ exploration in, I say, Waverly Hills Sanatorium? That notorious asylum which mistreated and used its patients as Guinea Pigs? Please tell me a reason for this so it’s worth atleast something.’

‘Well- for starters we can finally have our official titles as ‘Paranormal Hunters’. Second, like those ghosts can ever enter and be with us right now, so don’t you worry! Third , it’s Asylum’

Yeah, right. That I’d believe that a skin-walker is right next to me, being a hypocrite about killing anything that’s ‘Paranormal’.

‘So where now? We are in the East wing of ‘the’ Asylum. Don’t tell me we got lost here, dying in a heavily haunted place is the last place where I would like to die unnoticed and early.’ I said grumpily

‘Don’t worry ‘Mr. Half-Paranoid and Half-Get me outta here instantly’ you won’t die before age 30. You and I have more to gank before we become one ourselves. So enjoy this one-time trip trespassing to ‘the’ Asylum!’

Become one myself, not you, you phony. One time I know for sure is that my childhood friend Annie McCallister has died during her trip to Alabama. I was the first person to be noted of this, I was 9; think of a child’s thoughts when his only friend is never coming back with his now-broken promise-

‘Stop here for a while Sam, I’m picking a sign of paranormal activity in this floor, the 5th  floor. How scary is that? So spooky!’ she- or whatever it is sarcastically tell me.

‘The 5th floor, yes, the most violent floor of the Asylum in my opinion. My own opinion.

‘So the past: it was used for patients who caught the TB and were no longer part of the social world? Jeez, where to now? The Body Chute? Then you’ll kill me and leave me there? Then count me out, Annie’ I said with a grim voice.


She noticed,

She knows

She caught me

Plan fail






I slowly pick up my pace, dropping my video recorder; I run, not locking back. I don’t care about that at that moment, they could pick it up for goodness’ sake. I don’t want to get mauled by a Skinwalker impersonating my friend.



I ran, I don’t know for how long I ran, but I can’t hear Annie’s ragged breath nor mine. I feel… eerily calm. Something in me wants to go down that hallway.











Oh gosh, she’s getting nearer. I can sense her behind me, I’m scared


I’m scared,


I’m scared

‘Where do you think you’re going? I’ll give you a star for your intelligence to fool me.’

‘You’re not Annie

‘I wasn’t Annie, Your plans to escape, your theory of me being a Skin-Walker was perfect. It’s such a shame, really. Either die by my hands or die here, alone.’

‘The latter’ I say without batting an eyelash, I’ d chose the latter whenever it’ll include Skin-Walkers.




A slash goes thru my eyes; it stings and blood drips down

It hurts; I double over in pain, I writhe in pain

I hear the footsteps going farther

She’s gone, it’s a plan success, she’ll sizzle like a cinder on fire once she steps out, my peers’ll catch her,

It was worth the hunt and my life

I feel life fading away and I hear a feminine scream, I knew she burned, Annie was a fool in most cases.

I fall limp and blood seeps, pooling around me, I let out my last chuckle.



No one ever has to know what happens in Waverly Hills Hospital.

The pain subsides yet I know I’m dying, I ask myself:

‘Have you seen what goes inside at Pennhurst Asylum?’


‘How about Waverly Hills Sanatorium?’


The End

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